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By nurturing a community of over a hundred creative professionals, we are working towards creating new standards for a more empathetic industry that supports and celebrates its fearless storytellers.


Nurturing a Community of 100+ Creators

Since 2021, SC.W has reached and impacted over 100 creators and mentors, across industry and region, through masterclasses, events, film screenings, and peer interactions.

Seeding Equity in Media

By championing and connecting diverse creators through its programs, SC.W is pioneering new benchmarks for equitable and accessible interactions between the international media industry and SEA creators.

Grounding in Culture, Knowledge & Impact

We are committed to a future that is rooted in culture, knowledge, and impact. In a rapidly evolving world, we believe that these pillars are essential for shaping a society that thrives, empowers, and inspires. This ground informs the design of resources, toolkits, and mentorship programs

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