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Weave offers a space for dialogue and knowledge exchange between individuals, collectives, and organizations with cultural affinity, unique histories & subject
knowledge expertise.


Since 2021, Storiculture World has hosted 5 Weaves between a range of creative professionals on topics ranging from Creative Producing in South Asia to Building Immersive Experiences in India

Producers' Weave 

In collaboration with ProducerLAND & Ever Rolling Films, creative producing talents from the region came together to attend Master Classes and explorative sessions and were part of conversations that helped discover ways to support, collaborate, co-produce, and build community in the region.

Digital Society Weave

At ‘Museum of Imagined Futures’, filmmakers and policymakers were brought together to start a dialogue, create a storm, and effect change to a very important cause in India - An inclusive & equitable Digital Society.

Writers' Weave 

 In collaboration with Creator Rooms, Writers’ WEAVE brought together renowned South Asian film professionals together in a virtual confluence to initiate dialogue around Understanding Gaze, Representation in Cinema, and Writing inclusively.


Hosted by IMMERSE, this weave brought together key stakeholders in the immersive media industry in India and examined the merits and challenges of connecting with discerning audiences,  and explored what it takes to build
large-scale immersive IPs in South Asia.


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AI + ART Weave

In collaboration with Genre X, we explored the realm of AI Art and examined the true impact of AI in the creative process. This dialogue explored everything from identifying obstacles to realizing the full potential of AI tools.

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